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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
03 August 2015 @ 11:09 pm
Some of you may have noticed this used to be a very open journal.

I am tired of deleting comments from spam bots, so I switched. If you want to read the entries, confirm you're a human. Then I'll add you in so you can read my sporadic updates. Kids, if I already added you, I didn't delete you, so do not go into a frothing panic.

Quick details, in case you just stumbled upon my journal and want to know me:

-Canadaphile, Anglophile.
-History junkie
-Cavillry Member since the beginning
-Avid Reader
-Reality Singing Show Junkie
-Photographer (but that's moved to Facebook)

So yeah.
Enjoy your possible stay.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
16 February 2014 @ 06:24 pm
Mr Jesse and I decided that every weekend day off we had we should try to do something new, or at least something that wasn't shopping or sitting home watching telly all day. Last week we were gonna go to the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, which was on its last day, but it was definitely too cold. So I checked All Over Albany, which every weekend has a round up of things to do in the Capital region. I spotted roller derby, and I've always wanted to see it played, so I persuaded Mr Jesse to go.

We almost gave up because parking in downtown Albany is a pain in the ass, and we finally got parked. I nearly slipped under the car getting out because we accidentally ended up too close to a snowbank, so that was fun. I need new sneakers, haha. Anyway, we went in and watched Roller Derby. That's a heckuva fun sport and if you've never watched it before, I think you should see if your town/city has a league and check out a game.

I said to Mr Jesse that I would love to play derby, but I had never been on skates before. Just ice skates, once. So this Sunday, he and I, along with my fantastic friend Genevieve & her family went to a skating arena in Latham, and attempted skating. Her son had done it before, so we hoped he would teach us, but he decided not to, haha. Mr Jesse decided he'd be better at guiding us around the practice rink, and about a half hour in, I didn't even need to hold onto him anymore! I was so pleased. A sixty year old lady gave me a bit of advice on my form (don't lock your knees, kids!). I even made it out on the main floor!

I don't think I'll be in derby shape anytime soon, but I am very pleased with my initial trial. I thought I would fall all over the place, but I didn't even fall once! I did go really slowly so I think the spills will come when I pick up speed. But hey, derby players fall down too! Lots!
AJ, Destroyer of Things.
07 September 2013 @ 08:22 pm
My next day off is Monday. Get to re-try on my dress, and figure out shoes. Yay! Waiiit.

Anyway, I watched the Futurama series finale. It's pretty boss. I liked it almost as much as I liked "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings," which was the first series finale. It made a great bookend, definitely. I will miss Futurama. I decided to count how many times a day I quoted that show, but once I got past 10 I gave up. Haha, I really do love this show. Now I can get the entire series on blu-ray, hopefully!

I have to have a proper day off, because my house needs a scouring. It's kind of gross. But all my days are busy with the wedding crap that still needs doing. We finally decided on favors, and hopefully they'll be as awesome as I plan them to be. No spoilers!

That's all I got, haha.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
06 September 2013 @ 12:15 am
Today was wedding stuff again. Mr Jesse and I got him a tie and a shirt, but it turns out it doesn't fit him. The tie fits, but the shirt does not. Oh well, we will try again on Saturday. Anyway, we got that done, and then we went to his momma's house and we put together the bouquets. I will post them tomorrow. They are pretty boss ;).

This is just a quick updated because I am going to bed, but I wanted to continue this streak.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
05 September 2013 @ 12:02 am
I'm still learning the driving thing, so my depth perception is not at par. I can't really tell if a car is going to get to me as I try to cross traffic, so I err a bit on the side of caution. But even Mr Jesse said I guessed right in not going, and some asshat behind me laid on the horn. So I drove 5mph through the turn so he would be forced to go slow behind me. Jerk. I didn't flip him off though. I guess i'm learning ;)

Work was crazy. They sent us 18 boxes of stuff, and we already had 11 yesterday and it was cray cray. We got through it, but it's a bit of a mess back there, and with a major visit from corporate next week, it's gonna be hairy. But it will be okay. I got harrassed by a security guard for daring to clean my store after 10pm, because I was waiting for Mr Jesse to get me. ALso, it needed it because there were dustbunnies the size of Mars in the window.

Oh well, tomorrow is a day off and I can go and hang out and get Starbucks. It will be great.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
03 September 2013 @ 11:50 pm
Today was the first time I went to the bank solo for work. Well, Mr Jesse took me. I went inside and of course it being the day after a holiday that the bank was closed for, and everyone knows that the stores need to get their deposits and their change in, all the little old ladies came out to do every single centimetre of their banking. Hold up the line a little more, why don't you? Oh boy. She was disputing every line of her statement with the teller. Ay yi yi.

Not only that, she was the bad parker that Mr Jesse was irritated by when we pulled in the parking lot. SMH. Anyway, I got my Starbucks, and Mr Jesse got his McDs, but their drink machine was broken. Yeah, the soda machine was busted! How dare it! Anyway, I went to work. It wasn't busy, but I had these sweet ladies in from Colorado and Nevada and they bought out the store.

I went over to Colleen's house to eat dinner, and I got to see the glorious news about E.L. James' dismay at her film's casting. She wanted Robert Pattinson for Christian Grey. Um, girl, you can't rip off Twilight and then use the main star in your shitty fake BDSM rapey novel. Besides, if you're really gonna go incepting this series, you cast Henry Cavill. I said goddamn. But keep him out of your shitty franchise. Anyway, poor Charlie Hunnam.

I finally got to go through the royalty pottery I picked up this weekend. Got a couple of things on eBay right now -- an Andrew & Sarah commemorative mug, and one of the duplicate silver jubilee mugs. I spent $20 on the whole thing, so if they sell, I'll make my money back. One of the things I got was a salt and pepper shaker set that was from the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, so I'm super stoked about that. YAY ME!
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
02 September 2013 @ 11:46 pm
We went to Stormville Flea Market, as I said, and we found a few toys that we were missing -- some of the DS9 figures they made for the 30th Anniversary Episode. That great episode "Trials and Tribbilations," had the DS9 team dress in 1960s Starfleet apparel, and they made a few toys of the guys. Now I have them. They need a little paint love, but Mr Jesse assures me they will be fine.

Meanwhile, it was hot and muggy and I didn't drink nearly enough water, and a Sonic lunchfast was not enough to keep me from getting heatsick. I went to bed with the world's worst headache at 6pm, and didn't get up again til 10, when I took some migraine medicine because it didn't cease in the least. I was absolutely sick as hell, and had a minor headache when I woke up at 10am this morning.

I was fine after that til I got to work, where for Labor Day the mall decided to break the air conditioning systems. YES. GOOD. Just what we want when we're there on a holiday and the mall is packed, no air conditioning. Janet called them and they said they had someone fixing it, and that it would be on soon. Hours later it wasn't so she called again. They said to us, "well you control yours." I said to them, "well everytime we call you, you say we do, and when we call them, they say you do, so make it work." Needless to say, when the mall's AC was restored, ours was as well. Suck it, mall maintenance.

Anyway, now it's time for bed again, as I have to get up early and open the store. YAY. I wanted to write the update though so I don't get out of the habit of doing this again!
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
31 August 2013 @ 10:39 pm
Today was wedding stuff day. Mr Jesse's sister Maggie came by to help us out. I did up the three invitations I am mailing out, and I was all set to mail them except that I forgot a box for the item I sold on eBay, so they will go out Tuesday. They're all local, so it will take a day to get to them nbd.

Brunch was at Cracker Barrel, which was delicious -- I had multigrain french toast, which couldn't have been any tastier. It really couldn't have been, they put fried apples and fresh strawberries on top and Oh man, I wish I still had some to eat. How do I french toast? Mr Jesse wasn't so lucky, his breakfast was tiny and was lacking in sausage gravy. He did not seem too happy with it. Ahh well, he'll go back, he loves that place.

Then we went off to Michaels in Latham, because we decided flowers/bouquets were the thing to do today. It took us some time but we put together some cute bouquets for the bridesmaids and myself. Now we just have to assemble them with the ribbon we bought, which will likely be tomorrow night's project.

I drove the whole day, and as we left Latham to go to Delmar for dinner, it began to horribly downpour. I was able to handle it though! I was a little cheesed by the guy who refused to let me onto the highway, because I had to come to a dead stop on the ramp, and on the grated part of the road, which was extremely annoying. I was good though, I avoided an accident and got to see the idiots who collided at the mall exit ramp. Mr Jesse did want to go to Best Buy, but we decided that could wait til Monday or Tuesday. Labor Day weekend is really not a good time to go to the mall (unless you wish to visit my store. Then come and buy all the things!). I also got to see my first deer while driving. That little bastard was in residential Delmar! How dare he! Like just strolling along, running through people's lawns. You jerks are supposed to stick to highways! Anyway, I didn't hit the deer either.

Dinner was shish kebabs, now I've never had them before. They were pretty tasty, but I suppose you can't go wrong with grilled veggies and meats on a stick. I drove back to the EG, and we had TCBY. Really enjoy the Silk Almond Milk yogurt, which is a weird concept. First, you milk the almond...then you ferment it? Weeeeird. But it tastes like chocolate pudding which is awesome. Anyway.

Now Candice and I are enjoying a joint viewing of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, while she is at work and I am at home. "What does God need with a Starship," indeed.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
30 August 2013 @ 10:53 pm
Today I slept pretty well. I had an awesome dream about The Rock and Mr Jesse chasing after lots of bad guys. Which is weird, because we had watched Pain and Gain the night before, and Dwayne the Rock Tooth Fairy Johnson was a bad guy in it, so I don't know why they were heroes. But they were. Mr Jesse enjoyed my story. We found out that the Blockbuster in Latham is closing (the last one that we know of in the Capital Region), so Mr Jesse raided it this evening.

I worked today, and the District Manager came into the store. We're getting a new safe, which is exciting but not for a fun reason. Lindsay also visited the store, and made Tina my new surrogate mom to help with some of the leftover wedding stuff. Like shoes and something borrowed/something blue kind of things. So I said jokingly, "Hey Mom, when are we going shoe shopping?!"

Got my first holiday weekend off in a long time. If ever, actually. I am working Monday, but why wouldn't I? It's sweet sweet time and a half! But tomorrow and Sunday I am off. Tomorrow Mr Jesse, Maggie and I are going to work on some wedding stuff. I have 3 more invitations to send out, and I want to get supplies for the bouquets, and possibly more favor ideas. Sunday we're going to the Stormville Flea Market to score some more goodies to sell on eBay. I've been selling bras that don't fit me anymore, or ones that I bought in the wrong size and I've made well over $100. Mr Jesse had bought a bag of toys at the Glenmont Fireman's Flea Market for $5 and made well over $100 from them, so we're hoping to get lucky again in Stormville. It's apparently a big deal and there are giant pickles to be had as well. OM NOM NOM.
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AJ, Destroyer of Things.
29 August 2013 @ 11:26 pm
I had a difficult time sleeping last night, as per usual. Tumblr seems to suggest that nitro drink for insomniacs actually works, and I forgot to look for it at Target today. Also I forgot to look at shoes. I did get the allergy medicine I needed though. Yes, good. I tried Claritin without the meth ingredients, but I found it wasn't as effective. Mmm, crystal meth.

Anyway, today Mr Jesse and I got our rings, and he got another firsthand lesson in feminism. (I do this a lot to him.) His ring, that he picked out cost $75. Mine? $225. Even though they're not similar in materiel, a comparable lady ring in tungsten (his material of choice) is $95. Ain't that some shit? Yeah, that's what I thought.

The lady at the jewelry counter was extremely awesome, so I'm going to do my new year resolution and tell them how wonderful she was. She didn't upsell us or try to change our minds on anything and even tried to make it cheaper for us. I really liked her. Same with the waitress we had at dinner. We had gone to Cracker Barrel and they changed their menu, removing my favourite meal. So I lamented about that and she gave me a recommendation that turned out okay. It won't replace the stew, but it was delicious and worth a try.

Finally, we had TCBY for dessert. I love the chocolate Silk Almond Milk Yogurt they have because it tastes like chocolate pudding, and it definitely definitely doesn't have any lactose in it. LOVE it. Now, if they would make it into a yogurt I can eat at home...

Anyway, update over. I'm going to try to write an update once a day or so, we shall see how this works.
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