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31 August 2013 @ 10:39 pm
Day off? Whatis?  
Today was wedding stuff day. Mr Jesse's sister Maggie came by to help us out. I did up the three invitations I am mailing out, and I was all set to mail them except that I forgot a box for the item I sold on eBay, so they will go out Tuesday. They're all local, so it will take a day to get to them nbd.

Brunch was at Cracker Barrel, which was delicious -- I had multigrain french toast, which couldn't have been any tastier. It really couldn't have been, they put fried apples and fresh strawberries on top and Oh man, I wish I still had some to eat. How do I french toast? Mr Jesse wasn't so lucky, his breakfast was tiny and was lacking in sausage gravy. He did not seem too happy with it. Ahh well, he'll go back, he loves that place.

Then we went off to Michaels in Latham, because we decided flowers/bouquets were the thing to do today. It took us some time but we put together some cute bouquets for the bridesmaids and myself. Now we just have to assemble them with the ribbon we bought, which will likely be tomorrow night's project.

I drove the whole day, and as we left Latham to go to Delmar for dinner, it began to horribly downpour. I was able to handle it though! I was a little cheesed by the guy who refused to let me onto the highway, because I had to come to a dead stop on the ramp, and on the grated part of the road, which was extremely annoying. I was good though, I avoided an accident and got to see the idiots who collided at the mall exit ramp. Mr Jesse did want to go to Best Buy, but we decided that could wait til Monday or Tuesday. Labor Day weekend is really not a good time to go to the mall (unless you wish to visit my store. Then come and buy all the things!). I also got to see my first deer while driving. That little bastard was in residential Delmar! How dare he! Like just strolling along, running through people's lawns. You jerks are supposed to stick to highways! Anyway, I didn't hit the deer either.

Dinner was shish kebabs, now I've never had them before. They were pretty tasty, but I suppose you can't go wrong with grilled veggies and meats on a stick. I drove back to the EG, and we had TCBY. Really enjoy the Silk Almond Milk yogurt, which is a weird concept. First, you milk the almond...then you ferment it? Weeeeird. But it tastes like chocolate pudding which is awesome. Anyway.

Now Candice and I are enjoying a joint viewing of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, while she is at work and I am at home. "What does God need with a Starship," indeed.
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Chucklandchuckland on September 3rd, 2013 12:45 am (UTC)
Wedding? Congrats!
AJ, Destroyer of Things.fleurdelista on September 4th, 2013 03:43 am (UTC)
Thank you! yes, we're getting married on October 12.Too close ;)